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Everyone has some old coin or stamp they’ve been saving for some reason. Perhaps you’ve still got that pocket-full of change you saved after your European vacation years ago. Maybe you still have that old stamp collection from when you were a kid—and are wondering what to do with it. Is it worth anything?

Bring it to the experts at the Catalina Coin & Stamp shop. We welcome everyone, from the curious, to the hobbyist, to the investment collector—it’s a quaint and inviting place to just stop in and explore. We offer:

Free general appraisal of your items and collections—from one item to full collection

 We provide detailed appraisals for estates, insurance settlements, and portfolios

We buy and sell from single items to sets, collections, lots, and estates

We buy and sell all United States and worldwide coins, paper money, tokens, and medals

We’re stocked with a full line of coin and stamp supplies from holders, to albums, and books

We buy and sell precious metals—gold, silver, platinum